420 Evaluations Bakersfield| Recipes| CBD Cocktail Anyone?

420 Evaluations Bakersfield_ Recipes_ CBD Cocktail anyone_

420 Evaluations Bakersfield| Recipes| CBD Cocktail Anyone?

Medical marijuana is entering the streets of the USA like a big bad wolf to howl out nearly most of the diseases that cause pain in the human race, claims almost all the 420 evaluations Bakersfield.

New researches are even indicating that medical cannabis causes no high at all while curing a lot of diseases.

True story from the year 2013 of a three years old girl Charlotte Figi, who before medical 420 was suffering from as many as 300 attacks of epileptic seizures per week, is one of the many vivid examples we have in front of us.

Miss Figi’s parents started using CBD oil to cure her and magically what wasn’t expected happened, Charlotte’s seizures went from 300 per week to two-three attacks per month.

We even have an official medical study to strengthen our stance on medical marijuana, which clearly indicates that indeed, medical marijuana cures epileptic seizures, click here to read it.

Now that we have established that cannabidiols are actually healthy for us, and not make us high just like college bongs, let’s come to the fun part of things.

The cannabis cocktail!

But Why?

The idea of cocktail emerged from the fact that the all miraculous cannabidiol actually doesn’t taste good at all. Some people may argue with this, but the majority may accept it.

We took it far ahead and decided to give you what they call, a magical mix.

 Julep Mint de CBD

_Julep Mint de CBD

This name might not be the brightest of our idea, but trust us the drink itself is quite tasty and soothing. Also, everything is gleaming when you add some bourbon to it.

A ponderous dink, many may assume, but it is exceptionally relaxing, let’s read the recipe of the cocktail for one serving:

What do I need?

  •   2- 1/2 ounces bourbon of your taste
  •    Two mint leaves and six marijuana leaves
  •    15 mg cannabidiol tincture

How do I make it?

In a chilled julep cup muddle simple syrup and the leaves, pour some of the bourbon, stir with a swizzle stick, and add some ice rocks, finally garnish with three mint and three marijuana leaves.

Margareta Mezcal CBD

Margareta Mezcal CBD

Another excellent drink to make the medicine fun and turning dose into delight, Margareta Mezcal CBD is the next level of Margareta.

Recipe for one serving:

What do I need?

  •    3-ounce lime juice
  •    1-ounce aquavit
  •    1-ounce mezcal
  •    4-ounce agave syrup
  •    CBD tincture: 15 mg
  •    A pinch of salt
  •    Marijuana leaf juice: 1 ounce
  •    For garnishing the drink a cannabis leaf

How do I make it?

Take a washed shaker, fill it with ice, put everything in it, mezcal, lime/green juice, salt, aquavit and CBD tincture.

Next, shake it well and strain finely into a glass, garnish with that cannabis leaf.

Pimm’s CBD

Pimm's CBD

See, we are getting good with the names, anywho, the drink is a fantastic fusion of Pimm’s Cup and cannabidiol oil.

Recipe for one serving:

What do I need?

  •    Three slices of cucumber
  •    One ounce ginger beer
  •    3 ounces lemon juice
  •    2 ounces of simple syrup
  •    Pimm’s original No.1 Cup: 2 ounce
  •    CBD tincture: 15 mg

How do I make it?

Start with mix-up, simple syrup and cucumber in the cocktail shaker; afterwards, add lemon juice, ice and Pimm’s and strain into an ice-filled glass.

Garnish with cucumber wheel after pouring one-ounce ginger beer on the top.

Washing It Down

How about that for CBD recipes? These drinks are as seriously fun as medical marijuana is beneficial for the human body is.

These are some of the more natural ways to wash down your pain with the help of medical cannabis.

If you wish to get cured by medical marijuana too, Google 420 evaluations Bakersfield, and get your medical marijuana card online for cheaper rates via any of the online clinics.


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