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This was a gift for my father. He really likes the digital screen and ease of use. He mostly uses it on his lower back and shoulders and finds it does relieve some discomfort. I would definitely recommend this product.

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This is one of my best purchases on Amazon! I received my item before expected and as soon as it was charged I used it. Anyone with chronic back pain should buy this! I have rheumatoid arthritis and this helps manage the pain.

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Love this so far. Been 5 days and it is taking care of my back pain. Told my sister in law about it and she is going home and order one.

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I ordered this after I finished my 6 weeks of physical therapy for my lower back. The one they used really helped ease my back pain. This unit is amazing!! It feels just like the one they used at PT.

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My wife bought this unit for my chronic back pain and it is amazing, I have been using it daily since it arrived and for the first time in several years my back is pain free! I highly recommend this product to anyone that lives with pain.

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This is an excellent tens unit. The different settings are excellent. The pads and the Sandler work very well. The battery stays charged far longer than I expected.