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The Top Medical Strains For Medical Marijuana Users

Medical Strains

The Top Medical Strains For Medical Marijuana Users

As every year comes to a close, there are multiple lists that come out to make you feel bad about all that you did not try out this year. But this list does not aim to do that to its readers. Instead, we intended to educate you on what you can try out to feel better.
There are hundreds of strains that enter the market every year, and that does not even include the ones that already exist. Today we will have a look at all the strains that have made their impact felt in the medical community this year. 

Here are Bakersfield Marijuana recommendations for the upcoming year and the year past.

GMO Cookies 

A cross between Chemdog and GSC, it is definitely not a surprise that this strain appeared on this list. It has an easily identifiable garlic aroma and is one of the most unique strains to exist in the market. The most advantageous property? Its ability to relieve while keeping you active and awake throughout the day.  It is a potent strain, and with a 675% increase in search volume, it isn’t very easy to counter its effectiveness.

OG Kush Breath

This strain has mysterious beginnings, but sure proof effects. It is rich in caryophyllene and is extremely potent. Its power bodes well for medical users, where it provides long-lasting results of relief from chronic pain, stress, and insomnia. The only issue? It does put you to sleep, so not great for daytime usage. 

Original Glue

For people who loved Gorilla Glue #4 for all its potent effects. Super Glue has come to the rescue. The extremely potent hybrid has some great medical qualities. It does, however, the couch glue properties. So don’t even try to go out of your house once you consume this strain. It is particularly good at handling the feelings of anxiety and pain. Also, on the list? Stimulation of appetite.

Banana Split

This cross between Tangie and Banana Sherbet is prolifically known for its flavor all over. It is useful in stimulating appetite, insomnia, and pain. 

What makes it so unique? The colorful taste palate it holds. It gives a levelheaded high, which can get you throughout your day with a productive streak.


Just like the drink, this is not the strain to overdo with. If consumed in moderation, it is a great way to enjoy your day. It is a cross between the purple punch and Clementine, & a relatively new addition to the strain hemisphere. It is advisable that one proceeds with caution as THC levels can vary from 17 % to 30 % across different growers, making it an extremely unpredictable ride.

For medical users, it is a great strain to alleviate arthritis, depression, and pain.

Purple Punch 

It is only correct for the parent strain of mimosa to feature on this list. With mysterious origins, this is another potent strain that has proven its effectiveness. If you discount the medicinal properties, it is also one of the most popular cultural strains of the past year. It is often described as a dessert that is best lit up after dinner. 

Medicinal properties? Alleviation of nausea, minor body aches, sleeplessness, and stress. 

Wedding Cake 

The best for last. This strain has made quite a splash this year. It was named the strain of the year by a few outlets and has shown no sign of dropping in popularity. It is famous for its euphoric effect, which is uplifting, but if you overdo it, it might turn sedating. Medical users can expect relief from pain and insomnia. 

Strains are an extremely personal choice, and if you think something might not work for you, don’t try it. Medical usage of marijuana should make your condition better, not worsen it.


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